Howling Coyote Studio - Susan Garriques- Artist
No Strings Attached - paper clay art
"No Strings Attached" - 12" x 16", oil and paper clay on wood

Welcome! You've arrived at Susan Garriques' online gallery of art.

Primarily an animal portrait artist, Susan's love for animals shines through in her paintings. In addition to her pet portraits, Susan paints wildlife and landscapes. The painting above is made from oil paint and paper clay - a brand new media for Susan. She is having fun working with paper clay, adding a new dimension and texture to her art.

Sit back, relax and have fun exploring. You'll find Susan's animal paintings and her landscapes from both the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the Florida Keys here.


Gatlinburg's On Fire

Have you heard Susan's song about the 2016 fire in Gatlinburg?

You can listen to it on YouTube with this link


And buy it from CD Baby with this link:


Do you own a Baseboard Mouse yet?

Bubba - A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mice

In 2015, Susan began her Baseboard Mice series.
Another "fun" project, each of the mice is an original oil painting painted on a "mouse hole". Not satisfied with just painting the mice, Susan has also written a story about each mouse. The Baseboard Mice are available for "adoption" for a very reasonable "adoption fee". The mice have their very own website ( and their very own blog (





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